Quality Care


Quality dental care should never be out of reach. Good oral health can improve how someone eats, talks, feels, and even sleeps. Dental care has become so expensive and full of hassle that many people give up on even trying to schedule regular dental exams that can freshen their smile and detect serious problems like oral cancer. We are out to change the way people view the dentist by putting you at the center of your dental care. One of the most important things about dntl bar is our commitment to quality dental care.

The dentists, specialists, and hygienists on the dntl bar team receive consistent encouragement and training to continue their education to get the most out of the latest dental technology. Our patients receive clear and transparent pricing for a full range of dental services while receiving high-quality care in our comfortable offices. Looking for quality dental care in New York? Contact dntl bar today by calling 1-866-DNTL-BAR or booking an appointment online. 

what is quality dental care?

It helps to think of quality dental care as having four dimensions:

  • Capability – Having the degrees, inherent knowledge, power, qualifications, and skills that can help in providing dental care in the proper fashion
  • Empathy – Understanding and identifying with a patient’s situation, motives, and feelings
  • Reliability – Consistently honing the ability to do things right the first time or making them right if things do go wrong
  • Responsiveness – Having quick responses and sympathetic reactions to a patient’s needs and wants

Dentists can work on becoming more technically capable by attending technical continuing education programs. But learning how to be more empathetic or responsive to patients often happens with experience over time. Awareness is the first step toward learning anything new, so as long as a dentist wants to change for the better and provide their patients with quality dental care, it won’t be challenging. Raising the quality of dental care requires more than training—it requires wanting to provide a caring, cozy, and comfortable setting for patients.

who can provide quality dental care?

Most dental offices focus on continually adding more services to what they offer. For example, a general dentist may train in cosmetic dentistry before offering extra teeth cleaning services. However, some dental offices are revolutionary because they put their patients at the very center of what they offer. Rather than widening their range of dental services, some dental offices focus on making their services affordable and accessible. Dental offices like this provide quality dental care by offering:

  • Booking that’s easy for patients
  • Environments that make patients feel at home
  • Locations convenient for patients
  • Pricing that’s clear and transparent
  • Staff that actually cares about patients

Achieving a high level of satisfaction from dental patients typically results in happier staff members, higher case acceptance, and improved referrals. These results would be advantageous for all dental practices, so it makes sense for all dental offices to focus on providing and maintaining high-quality patient care.

the dntl bar mission statement

We don’t have a standard mission statement, but a call for revolution. We strive to provide the very best dental care for people. The dental industry sometimes doesn’t work for some people, and that’s where their oral health journey ends.

But we want to make a positive difference for our patients, community, and world. That’s why our mission remains:

“You deserve the very best dental care—but the dental industry just doesn’t work for you. We’re revolutionizing dental care to put you at the very center and to bring affordable, accessible care to more people than ever before.” 

get the quality dental care you deserve at dntl bar

When you join the dental revolution, you get to experience what it’s like to be at the center of your dental care. Every visit to our offices across Manhattan gives you access to:

  • Transparent pricing
  • A team of specialists
  • Comfortable amenities
  • Short wait times
  • Appointments that fit your schedule

Stop sifting through the offices that claim they provide quality dental care in New York and visit dntl bar today. To book, call 1-866-DNTL-BAR or make an appointment online.

dntl Bar has moved all operations to Chelsea location! Text 1-646-969-5632 or email Chelsea@dntlbar.com to modify or schedule appointments.