The dntl bar team is unlike any other. When we started the dental revolution, we knew our mission was clear. We want to bring high-quality, accessible dental care to more people. Too often, the medical industry gets in between quality oral care and the patients who need them most. With high prices and confusing insurance policies, so many people avoid trying to find dental care at all because it’s too much of a hassle. Many people also have had negative experiences at the dentist, so they become anxious when they make an appointment, walk in the door, and sit down in the chair. The team members who have started their dntl bar careers help our patients get the care they need in a better environment.

If you’re ready to take your dental career to the next level by providing top-quality care to people in New York, consider dntl bar. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded team members who are revolutionizing dental care while working with the latest technology that delivers better results to everyone who walks through our door. Learn more about dntl bar jobs by emailing 

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Revolutionizing the way people go to the dentist is no small task. Every one of our team members is vital to our mission and helps us bring dental to the people. Our team helps support the dntl bar locations across NYC. We are always looking for talented people passionate about the future of dental care, including:

  • Dental hygienists – Our hygienists provide top-notch cleanings while educating patients on how to maintain their oral health at home.
  • General dentists– Our dentists provide a wide array of services to our patients, from routine checkups and fillings to more complex procedures.
  • Dental specialists– Our specialists provide our patients with the highest level of care in their respective fields, including oral surgery and endodontics.

If you’re a dentist or hygienist looking for one of our dntl bar careers, email and our team will be in touch. Join us as we continue to change the way people think about dental care.

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We’re about transparency here at dntl bar. Too often, traditional dentists are incentivized based on the amount of dental work they perform—which often leads to over-diagnosing patients. Our team is never incentivized based on how much dental work they do because our priority is the health of our patients. Instead, our team is paid a competitive base salary with bonuses based on patient satisfaction.

Only the highest-quality professionals make it to the dntl bar team. With more than 16 years of experience, dntl bar’s Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Ben El Chami, has an eye for excellence. “I only hire dentists that I would trust to do dental work on my mouth,” Dr. El Chami said.

Our team also gets to work with the latest in ground-breaking dental solutions, including:

  • The latest panoramic X-ray machines
  • Fast intraoral scanners
  • In-house printers for crowns and bridges
  • Precise digital modeling
  • Virtual clear aligner imaging

join the team with one of our dntl bar jobs

Ready to bring the dental revolution to more people? We’re always excited to talk to professionals ready to advance their dental careers in New York. For more information about the available dntl bar careers, the tech we use, and our benefits package, you can call 1-866-DNTL-BAR or email us at 

dntl Bar has moved all operations to Chelsea location! Text 1-646-969-5632 or email to modify or schedule appointments.