When to drink a Bulletproof coffee?

The Influence of the Bulletproof coffee is no doubt overreaching. If you have not caught in the fever, its high time you did yourself some good and joined in the frenzy. In this article, we are going to examine what the bulletproof coffee is and when to take a cup of this magnificent beverage.

What is the Bulletproof coffee?

The Bulletproof coffee is an outstanding blend of the organic and mold-free coffee, grass-fed butter and Brain Octane Oil. It has been shown to be a way to access more brainpower. It is an excellent way of adding an incredible load of healthy fat to the organic, well-sourced coffee and ooze a great blend out of it. It a nutshell, the bulletproof coffee promises more energy, better focus, and improved health. It is designed to curb hunger and keep full for hours. It is also known to enhance mental clarity, increase fat burning process and support the hormones. That is beside the fact that it tastes absolutely divine. It is a high-performance drink that has an extensive impact of the energy and cognitive functions. Nowadays, it is the go-to drink for a wide range of people including the professional athletes who need to find the extra strength, passion-driven CEOs and even busy parents who seek to increase their energy so they can do more of what makes them fulfilled.

A short History of the Brand.

A little into the development of the Bulletproof coffee brand will make for better information on what it is capable of and when to take it. The fact is that the background of the coffee and its pioneer will help you capture a full grasp of its relevance. Dave Asprey, the astute Silicon Valley entrepreneur, is regarded as the founder of the Bulletproof Coffee Brand. The story began when he has severe challenges with his health as he was Obese and always tired. He tried cutting back calories and daily workout, but nothing helped. By the time he was 30, his doctors had warned he was at critical risk for a stroke or heart attack. But when he came across a creamy cup of butter tea after a trek in 2004, an idea for the outstanding coffee was born. This butter-infused drink is a necessity for the folks in Tibet giving the ragged condition of where they live and work, but for Dave, it was a life-saving drink. He felt instantly alive and rejuvenated. 

So he embarked on years of research on why the tea made him feel so good and why the yak butter ignited his brain. Eventually, Dave substituted tea for the mold-free coffee and the yak butter for the regular old grass-fed cow’s butter. He finally laid his hands on the Brain Octane Oil and considered the final missing piece. All three ingredients strewn together gave Dave the abundant energy and effortless mental clarity that he craved. Thus, the Bulletproof Coffee came to live.

When to Drink the Bullet Proof Coffee?    

Actually, the bulletproof coffee drink is suitable to be taken at any time, just like the regular coffee. Thus, let us consider what time the bulletproof coffee can be taken and it what does at those times.

For an Energetic Morning Headstart:

In any case, the fundamental thought behind the Bullet proof coffee is to ensure that you begin your day in a kick-ass manner. Taking the bullet proof coffee in the morning is a guaranteed way to ensure you have a healthy balance of certain fats that will give you a sustained energy boost and the ability to stay ahead of your game. The fats will also help you maintain and stabilize your appetite. It is also a great way to manage and keep a great shape, and the coffee helps significantly for weight loss. As a matter of fact, Dave Asprey, the guy that pioneered the beverage credited his 100 lbs weight loss in part to his consumption of the bulletproof coffee every morning. 

A great way to maintain Focus and keep Strengthened in the Afternoon:

It is possible that you are among those part of the population that struggles to keep within your wits after 2 p.m. The bulletproof coffee is an excellent hack for maintaining focus when work drags on in the noon, and you need to keep your head on a swivel. The MCT oil combined with the caffeine in the coffee is responsible for this function. 

In conclusion, if you have not been taking the bulletproof coffee, time is now to have a rethink.

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