What does the Bullet Proof Coffee Do?

For Billions of people around the world, coffee is the next best thing after a good morning shower; sometimes, before. To most, coffee is that simple hack of a drink that gives them a head start to the day. Now, what if we tell you that there is even a much better way to hit the ground running? Well, say a grand welcome to the bulletproof. If you are one of the few people who hasn’t caught in on the bulletproof coffee raze, then this article is your Hail Mary. 

What is the Bulletproof Coffee Drink?

The Bulletproof coffee isn’t just your average latte. It is a high-performance drink that has an extensive impact of the energy and cognitive functions. Nowadays, it is the go-to drink for a wide range of people including the professional athletes who need to find the extra strength, passion-driven CEOs and even busy parents who seek to increase their energy so they can do more of what makes them fulfilled. It has been shown to be a way to access more brainpower. It is an excellent way of adding an incredible load of healthy fat to the organic, well-sourced coffee and ooze a great blend out of it. It a nutshell, the bulletproof coffee promises more energy, better focus, and improved health. 

A short History of the Brand. 

Dave Asprey, the astute Silicon Valley entrepreneur, is regarded as the founder of the Bulletproof Coffee Brand. The story began when he has severe challenges with his health as he was Obese and always tired. He tried cutting back calories and daily workout, but nothing helped. By the time he was 30, his doctors had warned he was at critical risk for a stroke or heart attack. But when he came across a creamy cup of butter tea after a trek in 2004, an idea for the outstanding coffee was born. This butter-infused drink is a necessity for the folks in Tibet giving the ragged condition of where they live and work, but for Dave, it was a life-saving drink. He felt instantly alive and rejuvenated. 

So he embarked on years of research on why the tea made him feel so good and why the yak butter ignited his brain. Eventually, Dave substituted tea for the mold-free coffee and the yak butter for the regular old grass-fed cow’s butter. He finally laid his hands on the Brain Octane Oil and considered the final missing piece. All three ingredients strewn together gave Dave the abundant energy and effortless mental clarity that he craved. Thus, the Bulletproof Coffee came to live.

What does the Bullet Proof Coffee Do?

It may interest you to know that what the bulletproof coffee is not nearly as significant as the ingredients in it that makes it capable of doing those things. Nevertheless, since that is the focus of this article, we will go ahead a make drop list of some of the many benefits of the Bulletproof coffee. 

•    It is known to improve the mood and increase the feelings of general wellbeing of most men by increasing the level of testosterone in the body.

•    It increases energy by combining the overdrive effects of caffeine with that of the high-powered effect of fats. 

•    It impacts weight loss and metabolism with the linoleic acid from grass-fed butter.

•    It enhances the brain function by firing up the brain with quick acting Tedium Chain Triglycerides

•    It also increases strength by increasing the lean muscle mass with testosterone containing healthy fats.

•    It helps prevent diabetes

•    It helps suppresses hunger.

•    It helps protect the liver.

•    It lowers the risk of stroke and heart failure

•    It helps fight depression

•    It also helps prevent the Parkinson’s disease

•    It is knowns to possibly reduce the risk of some cancer categories.

Ingredients that Makes the Bullet Proof Coffee Do what it Does:

Now, we are going to examine some of the constituents of the Bulletproof coffee that makes it perform in the way that it does. 

Organic Coffee Beans

Organic Coffee beans are one of the very first hacks of the bulletproof coffee. This is because regular coffee beans are grown in tropical climates where the influx of bugs and molds makes the heavy spraying of pesticides and herbicides inevitable. An organic coffee bag will ensure that you are avoiding most of these toxins. Research has shown that caffeine in coffee enhances long-term memory functions in humans. Apart from that, further studies have also shown that drinking coffee may lead to a decreased risk of developing heart failure of having a stroke. Coffee contains antioxidants that fight the damaged caused by free radicals, which then reduces the risk of cancers such as the prostate, liver or the colorectal. These combined effect helps to reduce mortality and helps to have a longer life expectancy. 

Grass-Fed Butter: 

The Butter contents gotten from cows fed on a grass diet are significantly higher in nutritional contents than butter from grain-fed cows. Butter from the former source contains antioxidants and is shown to be richer in minerals, and vitamin A, B, D, E, and K. Butter from grass-fed cows contains about five times more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than the butter obtained from grain-fed cows. The function of the linoleic acid is to help protect the body against the risk of cancer, store muscle instead of fat and help boost the immune system.

Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT)

The MCT oil is the fatty acid extracted from the coconut or the palm oil, and sometimes both. Its functions are to improve the mental capabilities and also help in the process weight loss. 

Coconut Oil:

This oil contains the medium-chain fatty acids such as the lauric acid, caprylic acid, and the capric acid that helps to make a great source of energy to the user.

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