Is it ok to drink coffee while fasting?

Millions of people all over the world wake up in the morning cradling, cups of coffee. Even more, people can’t get enough of the rich nutrient and health benefits that it has. Some other people just take coffee to slug it through work and daily activities. Whichever way and purpose it is, there is no shred of doubt that coffee has become an integral part of people’s lifestyle. It is that go to drink for energy, agility, and improved mental and cognitive functions. 

A period of fasting is that time when you put your body under some hermetic stress by consciously deciding not to eat. This may be due to some personal, religious, or health reasons. Well, since there is no one above temptation, what happens when you inadvertently take a cup of coffee while being a fasted state? Here’s the thing though, it is crucial that you know that anything taken into the body apart from water will disannul the fast in the purest and strictest sense. But then, it has been shown that taking a cup of coffee while fasting may serve as a way to extend the overall duration of the fast and even help promote a process called ketosis. Thus, there are always twain sides to a coin.

To proceed with this article, we are going to consider some of the reasons while you may be undergoing the fast in the first instance and examine the effect that coffee may have on any of these reasons:

In other words, we are going to consider what exactly fast does to the body:

1.    It helps in Aiding Ketosis: fasting is an effortless way to enter or remain in the ketosis state. This is because you have just a few calories coming into the body, the burn will fat an essential fuel stimulating the production of ketones in the liver. It has also been shown through studies that coffee regulates ketosis. 

2.    It helps in improving the process of burning excess fat: it is a very known fact that fasting will instigate ketosis. From this process, it is a no-brainer that fasting promotes and improves the process of fat burning and fat mobilization in a similar way that coffee does. 

3.    It improves insulin sensitivity in the body: Over a long period of time, fasting helps improve sensitivity to insulin and glucose tolerance. It is also important to note that fasting can help reduce insulin sensitivity as the body responds to the reduction in calories and the carbohydrates and redirects glucose to the brain through the increment in insulin resistance in other parts of the body. In a similar fashion, coffee also has an acute effect as it reduces the insulin sensitivity, but as the variables are reversed, and has coffee has been shown to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes. 

4.    It helps promote Autophagy: During the process of fasting or ketosis, the body will tend to enter into a specific energetic pathway known as the autophagy. This is a state whereby the cells cleanse out and get rid of toxins, dead cells components, and dysfunctional mitochondria. It has been shown that these actions are indeed vital for cellular health. Good news is that coffee is well known to support the autophagy process and your fast is disannulled for this reason if you decide to take a cup of coffee. 

Now that we have examined what fasting actually does to the body, we will go ahead and consider the effect that coffee and some of the additives that it comes with might have on the fast when consumed.

The Regular Black coffee:

This regular black coffee without any additive is very much popular among many coffee enthusiasts, and it supports fasting exactly in the way that we have considered above without many variations. 

Bulletproof coffee:

This is coffee blended with MCT oil and grass-fed butter. It technically breaks your fast since you will be consuming quite some calories in one drink. Apart from that, the fat has an insignificant effect on the insulin or blood glucose which are other indicators of a broken fast. Thus, while you may be consuming calories, it may work to your benefit, in the long run, to have a cup of the bulletproof coffee as it will allow you fast for a more significant period of time. 

Coffee with cream:

Agreed, the cream may contain some sugar and protein, it is not likely that this will break your fast or knock you off your ketosis edge.

Coffee with Nut Milk:    

Adding a handful of nut milk to your coffee will most likely not also break your fast for you. This will, however, work as long as you have selected nut milk which is free of added sweeteners. 

Thus, as we have considered all of these scenarios in great detail, we can deduce that taking coffee while fasting is not much of a deal breaker. If anything at all, it may be quite a good added advantage.

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