How to make the Perfect cup of Coffee?

A good cup of coffee early in the morning or at any other time in the day means a lot to billions to people out there. A perfectly made cup of coffee in the morning can set your mood for the whole day. According to statistics, Americans drink over 280 million cups of coffee each day, amounting to more than 102 billion home-brewed cups of coffee in a year. Yeah, that is a staggering number, but that’s not factoring the percentile of people that may be making it the wrong way. We understand your impulse to always want to get your regular cup of joe from a barista every morning, but you will agree with us that it may not be so convenient as time goes on, especially if you are the type that always requires a cup of coffee first thing at the break of the day. Thus, the essence of this article is to show you how a perfect cup of coffee is done. With our simple rules, you will be able to make your own perfect cup of coffee every morning, right in your own home. From this article, you will learn some of the other things you need to understand to ensure a fresh brew of coffee every morning. Without much ado, let us jump right in. Relax, it is easier than you think. 

Setting Out to make Coffee:

In this part, we are going to walk you through the different processes of making coffee. There are basically three common ways of home-made brewing coffee. There is the Drip method, the pour-over method, and the French press method. The favorite method remains the classic drip coffee machine. But the pour-over coffee is becoming popular as well, and the French press is quite an easy favorite too. Not too worry, we are going to introduce you to these three methods, and you can go ahead and decide which works more for you. For the recipe, we always recommend about 15 gm of ground coffee for an 8-ounce cup of coffee. For 4 cups of coffee, that will be about 60 gm of ground coffee. 

The Drip Method:

Nothing beats the simplicity of making of a drip coffee machine on a hectic morning. With this machine, you can make up to 12 cups of coffee at a time, depending on the size of your morning. That translates to a cup of bubbling refreshment for every member of the family. Below are the instructions for making coffee with the Drip coffee machine:

•    If you are using the whole beans, then you should grind the beans to a state similar to that of granulated table salt. Then pour the grounded contents into a filter and place in the drip machine. Place the water spout over the center of the grounded content. 

•    Pour some clean water into the back of the device and the press the on button on the machine.

•    As soon as the coffee is done brewing, turn of the machine to avoid brewing into a burnt state. You should ensure to clean your machine at least once a month to remove any built-up residue. You can do this by filtering through a mixture of water and vinegar.

•    Your coffee is ready to be served with desired additives. 

The French Press Method

You can also decide to make your early morning cup of coffee with a French press. This is another easy way of brewing an excellent cup of coffee. Below are the instructions:

•    Boil water in a clean kettle.

•    If you are using whole beans, ensure that it grinds to a state similar to that of breadcrumbs, i.e., a little course. Also, ensure that the grounds are similar in size. Then add the ground to the French press machine.

•    Add the boiled water to the French press when it is boiled to about 195 to 205 degree. Then stir it vigorously into the grounds. Brew it for about 4 minutes and then slowly plunge the press. This will separate the grounds from the coffee. 

•    Your coffee is ready to be served and enjoyed. 

The pour-over coffee method.

This is about the best method to make a delicious and aromatic cup of coffee. Below are the instructions:

•    Firstly, boil water in a clean kettle.

•    If you are using the whole beans, grind the beans to a state that is similar to a grain of granulated table salt. 

•    Then put a filter in the brewer and rinse it with hot water. Then discard the water used for rinsing.

•    Pour the grounds into the filter. Ensure that the surface is level. When the water is boiled to about 192-205 degrees, pour it slowly and steadily over the grounds and ensure that it is completely saturated. This process will allow the coffee to de-gas.

•    Afterward, pour in the remaining water slowly, keeping it within half and three-quarters full. You should be done with this process in about 3 to 4 minutes. 

•    Remove the filter carefully.

•    You can proceed to serve and enjoy your refreshing cup of coffee. 

More Tips to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee.

•    Use fresh coffee Beans.

•    Ensure the coffee beans are kept fresh.

•    If the case that you are not making the ground yourself, ensure to use a good brand of coffee.

•    Use good, clean water.

•    Avoid cheap filters.

•    Beware of the heat. You don’t want to over-heat of under-heat the coffee water. The ideal heat is around 192 to 205 degrees.

•    Don’t skim on the coffee.

•    Ensure to keep clean equipment.

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