How to make taste good without creamer?

Some people love to keep their coffee all black, strictly black. But that is not a prejudice for those us who also like to throw in a few things here and there. There is no denying that adding a few extra ingredients to a cup of coffee, but we are going to take some steps away from regular additives such as cream and sugar – especially the creamer.  We have found out that there are cheaper and more importantly healthier ways to take our coffee without having to live with the guilt of everyday cream. These add-ons are more natural, easy to find, and we can probably just go on a limb and assume that they are right there in your kitchen. Below is a drop list of those wonderful things you can add to your coffee in the place of creamer:

•    Cinnamon:

 It is not a surprise at all that the cinnamon came right at the top of our list since it is really popular. As a regular cream user, there is an excellent world of good awaiting you if you decide to switch up your recipe and add cinnamon instead of creamer to your coffee. Firstly, you can be sure you are saving yourself a world of calories per cup. Additionally, the cinnamon is well known for providing health benefits such as helping to boost the immune system. What’s more, the cinnamon can also add immense taste and flavor to your cup of coffee. 

•    Cardamom: 

Here is another one that seems like it, the cardamom. It is a spice that is popular in the Middle East, and it is commonly added to a cup of coffee. It is capable of adding a very exotic flavor to the coffee. Used in the Ayurvedic medicine, the spice is taunted as beneficial to coffee because it helps to neutralize the stimulating effects of caffeine in coffee. It can be added to the brewed cup of coffee, or a few whole cardamom seeds can be added to the coffee beans before you grind them.

•    Salt: 

This is another popular additive to the coffee, and its essence is more evident in its capability of softening the bitterness inherent in the coffee. It can be added directly to the grounds before brewing but may not be necessary if using good beans, so as not to neutralize any overly bitter flavors. It is also a wonderful addition to a cold brew coffee as it is said to maximize the taste of the coffee brew.

•    Butter:

 Does the bulletproof coffee ring any bell? If it does, then you will have an idea of how excellent it is adding butter to coffee brew. Dave Asprey, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, came with the recipe when he was slugging out on the Tibetan mountain. As a matter of fact, the idea is an adaptation of the traditional Tibetan Yak butter tea. It is capable of adding a significant boost of energy to the drink, and it can even serve as a viable replacement for the regular breakfast routine.

•    Vanilla and Almond Extract:

 If you are one with a sweet tongue, then the vanilla or an almond extract is for you. It takes away the need for processed creamers and even sugar. Just a few droplets of either flavor checks in great, depending on your taste. 

•    Milk from coconut:

 How about you make your coffee and add your coconut milk? Sounds like a good deal yeah? In the chance that you are a sucker for the coconut flavor, then the coconut milk is a non-dairy latte that you should absolutely consider trying out. It is a great alternative to the creamer or regular milk. 

•    Eggs:

Okay, we admit the addition of eggs to your morning coffee may not be the first thing that crosses your mind as you rise from bed, but we can say with all assuredness that it is an option really worth looking into. It is more popular amongst the Scandinavians largely because this is where the idea hails from. What the egg does is to give you a really clear coffee drink with great coloring and little or no sediments.

Homemade Coffee Syrups:

Here is a little secret for you; it is usually the syrups added that makes the coffee tastes extraordinarily good – not really because these baristas have some kick butt ninja brewing skills. That being said, you can really save yourself these extra bucks by learning to make these syrups yourself. It is not rocket science, as you can get started by stirring 2 cups of sugar into 2 cups of water over a really low temperature until it dissolves. You can throw in the vanilla or the almond extract we mentioned above, depending on the flavor of syrup you want. What’s more, these syrups can really be a wonderful replacement for the regular creamer. 

Ice cream: Permit us to round up with this. Fine, the point of the post is to help you avoid the added cream in your coffee and yet, making sure it turns out great. But does a decent heap of ice cream floating on your coffee ever hurt anything? No, we don’t think it does. You will be able to avoid more of the issues that come with the regular creamer while still having a coffee turned dessert in your hands. We bet you think that is really cool.

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