How to make Flower out of a Coffee Filter

If you are a DIY buff or you enjoy doing fun, crafty and creative things, then we are excited to share one of those exciting things that you can do with a coffee filter. A coffee filter is ordinarily one of those coffee brewing utensils, but if you can get your creative juices flowing in the right direction, you can make really adorable flowers out of it. Flowers from coffee filters could really come out gorgeous. They may look simple and unassuming, but they can be easily pretty; looking very much like real expensive flowers because the thin, delicate texture makes them opalescent and ethereal.  

These flowers can be created in a variety of colors depending on your choice of course, and we find them really easy to make.

In this article, we are going to give a guideline regarding the general instructions for making a generic flower, and then we will also go further ahead and let you know how you can also make specific color patterns and shape designs.

Here are what you will need generally:


•    Some basket styled coffee filters per flower. They could be in any desired size.

•    A Floral stem wire (or pretty else any other item you want to use for a stem). 

•    A Floral tape or masking tape. We recommend the green color because it really comes out good.


•    A pair of scissors

•    A stapler


Step 1: You will begin by flattening out the coffee filters and piling them over each other in a neat stack.

Step 2: Then, fold the whole stack in half. Ensure that they don’t outbound each other and they remain neatly placed on each other.

Step 3: Once more, work the already folded half into another half. You still want to ensure that none of the pieces is coming out. Now, the stack is now a quarter of the original circle. 

Step 4: Now, reach out for the pair of scissors and handle it very firmly. Then, trim the edges of the quarter stack you have on hand. The trim movement should be around the edges, and you may cut into any desired shape with the trim. It could be a scallop or a fringed pattern.

Step 5: Now bring out the stapler. Locate the bottom corner of the trimmed stack and staple it together. The idea here is to hold it in place. 

Step 6: The next step is to ensure the paper doesn’t remain very flat. So, squeeze the paper tightly around the staple in a nice scrunch.

Step 7: Here, things are about to get a little more interesting. On the top of the flower stem, put a small hook that runs through the flower from the inside of the middle, out through to the bottom of the flower. The essence of the hook is to keep the stem from slipping through to the bottom of the flower.

Step 8: This is where we put the floral tape to use. Make a nice of the floral tape round about the bottom of the flower, down to the wire stem in just about one inch. Ensure that the floral tape covers the staple. Then run the tape back over the bottom of the flower. Make sure the tape is pinched and secured in place.

Step 9: Now, it is time to bring beauty from the flowers. With everything still in place, carefully begin an unfolding of the stack layers of the flower. Begin by working your way from the outer layer and then working your way in towards the center of the flower. After you are done, the blossom of the flower will come out in a full, appreciable swoop.

Now for Rose pattern, here are some more materials you should have in place:

•    Eight cone Filters, to bring out the rose pattern.

•    Watercolor paint

•    Flat brush

•    Glue stick.

For the Peony Patten, 

•    60 coffee filters

•    Two tubes water-based paint

•    Containers

•    Plastic straw drinks.

 Here are some of the reasons why we think you should absolutely consider trying this activity out:

•    You can make them just in the right size: Whether you want to place these flowers on the dining table or, hell, on the coffee table, you can always eke out the right size to fit the purpose, and we think they can be really cute.

•    Perfect shape: If you believe there are only a few shapes you can get you of the coffee filters, you need to have a rethink. Just like its size, they can really get into the perfect shape too. In any case, most flower patterns just need to come circular and good gracious; coffee filters are circles. 

•    You can find the perfect color: Whether in a pristine white, an old antique brown or just about any other color, it is entirely within your reach.

•    Cheap and very Handy: Trying these out surely won’t bore a hole through your pocket. And you don’t need any particular machine or equipment to get things started. 

•    Thoughtful gifts item or House Arrangement perks: They can serve as very thoughtful items to add your gift bouquets. 

•    Party and outdoor decorations: Whether it is a birthday party for a loved one or even something as grandeur as a wedding party, these coffee flowers are totally not out of place to consider as decorating items.

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