How often should you do a coffee enema?

What is a Coffee Enema?

If you are familiar with alternative and unorthodox methods of colon cleanse, then you should have heard about the coffee enema before now. A coffee enema is a form of colon cleanse where a mixture of brewed, caffeinated coffee and water is lodged into the colon through the rectum. Sometimes, the procedure of a coffee enema is described as a coffee implant or a coffee retention enema since the process is to allow the enema remain for at least 10 minutes in the colon to allow for absorption into the portal veins. The caffeine substance in the coffee is then absorbed into the major circulatory system and directly into the liver where it is expected to stimulate a strong detoxification exercise. The detoxification process is thought to be achieved through the stimulation of bile flow and the release of glutathione, a known detoxifying antioxidant.

This procedure is said to have been made prominent by the Gerson therapy; of a particular Max Gerson. It is commonly said the coffee enemas may have their history from the German physicians in the early 1900s when the search for cancer treatment was very rife. Then, the German-American doctor had a belief that the body could be detoxed and given nutrients to heal itself using strictly organic plant-based diet, raw juices, and coffee enemas. 

There is a dire need for regular detoxification in this very toxic world. In this current age, there are over a thousand times more poisonous materials than ever before in the previous history. Toxic metals that are known to be very detrimental to health care at an all-time rise. They include the lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, and nickel. In addition to these is a plethora of toxic chemicals produced every day, present in the food, the air, and virtually everything that we come in contact with. Even the overuse and inundation of medical prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs constitutes a significant percentage to the amount of toxicity going on in the world. Thus, it becomes very imperative for one to stay as clean as possible and the coffee enema provides one of the best means to cope with the problem.

How Often Should You Take the Coffee Enema?

This is the main point of this article. We have examined the procedure of the coffee enema and why it is necessary. However, deciding how long you should take the coffee enema will depend mainly on what exactly you are trying to achieve with the procedure.

For Therapy;

For best results, it is recommended that you should do a coffee enema at least four times daily. This can extend to a stretch of about 10-20 years to help detoxify the liver thoroughly and heal the entire body. Healthwise, anything between 1 – 4 coffee enemas procedure daily is appropriate. In the case that you will be going all the way to 4 enemas daily, you can decide to do two enemas in the morning successively and the other two back to back again in the afternoon. This procedure is very safe, and it is known to yield a very positive effect. We, however, caution that you do not take more than four tablespoons of coffee daily. Anything more than this may result in some side effects.

For Cancer Patients

For cancer patients, the Gerson protocol suggests taking at least one coffee enema, once in every 3 to four hours. This process has been shown to be very effective. This is because the first series of the enema does not detoxify the small intestines; it only cleanses the colons. As it is, the therapeutic effects of the coffee enema are more significant on the gallbladder and the liver. Thus, the second series of the enema intake helps to pull the bile away from the small intestines, where it need to be eliminated. Where the reason for doing the coffee enema is for a detoxing plan that does not have anything to do with fighting cancer, then it is recommended taking the procedure not more than once or twice per week.

In any case, a regular and appropriate intake of the coffee enema is always a significant precursor to an observed improvement in the general wellbeing of those taking it. At this period, the body has been adequately detoxified, and the major part of the healing, rebuilding, regenerating process has been accomplished. By the time, the coffee enema should not be abandoned entirely. The coffee enema could remain very effective to cleanse the body when one eats and unhealthy food. In fact, as mentioned above, it is always an essential side benefit for those trying to quit smoking or those experiencing a high level of level. It can still be used from now and then as the need arises. 

From our keen observations, we have seen that many people who carried on with the intake of the coffee enema up to 10 years or more did not experience any problem whatsoever. Though, we have to say that health institutions caution that coffee enemas could lead to dependency. This we can connect to the presence of caffeine in the coffee. It is also warned that it can cause damage to the intestinal flora. Other points of caution we may need to bring to your notice is that fact that you may feel the urge to urinate more often than usual. Thus, you may want to ease out urination before doing the enema. Besides, you can learn to urinate with the enema still inside of you. This you can achieve by bending over forward while still sitting on the toilet.

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