How often should you do a coffee enema?

What is a Coffee Enema? If you are familiar with alternative and unorthodox methods of colon cleanse, then you should have heard about the coffee enema before now. A coffee enema is a form of colon cleanse where a mixture of brewed, caffeinated coffee and water is lodged into the colon through the rectum. Sometimes, … Read more

How does Bullet Proof Coffee work?

We are going to bet our last dime that you will only be asking this question if you have not, or have never taken the bullet proof coffee. In that case, we will begin by informing you that you have been missing a lot, as well as congratulate you that you happened upon this article. … Read more


There is the Bulletproof drink itself, and there is also the specific brand of coffee known as Bulletproof. But if you or someone were to waltz into Starbucks and expect to find the Bulletproof coffee drink on the menu as something you could order, then there is a good chance that you don’t exactly know … Read more

Diet with Butter in Coffee

It is impossible to think that blending butter with your coffee seems somewhere along the lines of totally intriguing of completely. Anyways, the idea of putting butter in coffee is what is already famously known as the bulletproof coffee. The bulletproof coffee has become more of a ketogenic diet. Thus, apart from taking the beverage … Read more


So, you probably had another great cup of coffee today and started feeling queasy immediately or sometimes afterward and was probably wondering why your lovely cup of coffee made you ill or nauseous. Unfortunately, there a lot of factors which could cause this effect on you ACIDS IN COFFEE Acids found in coffee to contribute … Read more

Coffee Cake Recipe in Bundt Pan

The origin of the Bundt can be traced to 1950 when Nordic first developed it. However, it became more popular, especially with homemakers in 1960 and it became one of the best selling cake pans at that time. Most of its fan can swear that everything just looks prettier in a Bundt pan, and honestly, … Read more