Can I use heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee?

In case that you don’t know, heavy whipping cream is that thick, high-fat cream that rises to the very top of fresh milk. It is the part that is skimmed off during the manufacturing process. Cream is usually graded according to the fat content therein, and different countries have varying standards for what counts as heavy cream. In the making process, most companies fasten the process by using tools known as the separators, which speeds up the separation of milk and cream.  Typically, cream in the only ingredient contained in a heavy whipping cream. But at times, it is combined with thickeners like the gellan gum to improve on its consistency.

Now, to the question of if you can use heavy whipping cream in coffee; the answer is Yes. Absolutely, you can. But we will not stop here. Further, in this article, we will examine each of these things:

•    Recipe for making coffee with heavy whipping cream 

•    Heavy whipping compared with other forms of creams and milk.

•    Alternatives to Heavy whipping cream 

Recipe for Making Coffee with Heavy Whipping Cream:

Just in case you are new to making coffee with heavy whipping cream, then you will find the guide here helpful.


•    One cup of coffee

•    A quarter of heavy whipping cream

•    A quarter of vanilla extract

•    Cocoa powder or ground cinnamon. (This is optional)


    Go ahead and make the coffee as usual.

    Then whip the cream with a little bit of the vanilla extract until the soft peaks form.

    Then pour the coffee into a cup or mug. Afterward, add a lump of cream on top, and you can add a sprinkling of cocoa powder or cinnamon as suggested above.

    Your coffee with heavy whipped cream is ready for your absolute pleasure. 

Other Products Similar in Form to the Heavy Whipping Cream:

Half and Half

This is a dairy product made by combining equal parts cream and whole milk. This then results in a product that is thinner and lower in fat than the heavy cream. By incidence, it is also lighter in taste, and it is very useful in many types of recipes apart from coffee. Just like the heavy whipping cream, half-and-half sometimes consists of additives too, such as the carrageenan which can help improve the texture of the final product. The fat-free version of half and half is made by combining with corn syrup instead of cream and is widely available. 

Coffee Creamer:

Well, unlike the heavy whipping cream and the half-and-half, coffee creamer is a dairy-free product. Most coffee creamers are made from the blend of water, sugar and vegetable oil, even though the ingredients can sometimes be brand-specific. It is typically loaded with sugar and heavily processed. Some popular types of coffee creamer can contain up to 5 gm of added sugar in a single helping. 

Just like the half-and-half and the heavy whipping creamer, additives are added to the coffee creamer to boost its and texture. 

Fat and Calorie content of the Heavy whipping cream, half-and-half, and the coffee creamer. 

Fat and calorie content level is what set these three products apart. Since the heavy whipping cream is produced from the high-fat cream found in fresh milk, it is by significant standards the highest in fat level. Typically, it contains about 36-40% fat (5.6 gm per tablespoon). Whereas, the half-and-half is made from the blend of cream and milk. Thus it contains less fat. Typically, most brands of half-and-half contain less than half of the fat contained in the heavy cream, statistically containing about 10-18%(1.7 gm per tablespoon). As expected, the coffee creamer ranks lowest in fat content level. Though, the fat content is usually based on the brand; it is often a little less than that of the half-and-half. It contains just about 1.5 grams of fat.

Just like the fat level, these products also have a varying amount of calories. As you can probably guess, the Heavy whip cream has the most fat content out of the three. Just a tablespoon of it contains about 52 calories. The heavy whip cream is followed in calorie content by the coffee creamer, which contains about 30 calories in a tablespoon. Incidentally, half-and-half ranks lowest in calorie content with just about 20 calories per tablespoon.

It is essential, however, to understand the effect of the fat contained in each product and how it affects the body. It has been shown that the partially hydrogenated oil usually found in the creamer may be hazardous to the health compared to the heavy whip cream and the half-and-half. 

Alternatives to the Heavy Whip Cream for Coffee:

It is impossible that you may want to explore other options apart from the coffee creamer and the half-and-half discussed above to replace the heavy whip for your coffee. In that case, we have made a list of other beneficial products that could come in handy. They include:

1.    Milk and Butter

2.    Soya Milk and Olive Oil

3.    Milk and Cornstarch 

4.    Silken Tofu and Soy Milk

5.    Greek Yoghurt and Milk

6.    Evaporated Milk

7.    Cottage cheese and Milk

8.    Coconut Cream

9.    Cream Cheese.

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