Can I drink Coffee before an Abdominal Ultrasound?

As a lover of coffee, it is essential to know the health implications of taking coffee before some certain medical procedure. In this article, we will examine the medical proprietary of taking coffee prior to having an abdominal ultrasound. If you cannot do without making your daily cup of coffees, we are going to begin by stating that, taking a little cup of black coffee is not a taboo, and it will not mar the process of the ultrasound scan. But, if you are the type that cannot take your coffee black, and you always want to add milk, then, you should know that is completely unacceptable. Further, in this article, you will understand the rationale. In as much as we will try to avoid much of the medical jargon, it is vital that you correctly understand what an Abdominal Ultrasound is, its procedure and implications. This will afford a complete comprehension of the inquiry. 

What is an Abdominal Ultrasound? 

An abdominal ultrasound is a form of imaging test. It is the standard procedure for looking at organs in the abdomen region and its anatomical component. These include the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, and the kidney. This procedure uses the transmission and reflection of ultrasound waves to cue visual imagery of the internal organs through the abdominal wall. When combined with another procedure known as the Doppler imaging, it becomes possible also to examine the blood flow inside of the blood vessels. The abdominal ultrasound process can also be used to study the uterus and fetus condition during pregnancy in what is known as the obstetric ultrasonography. The ultrasound procedures are often performed by specialists known as the gastroenterologists or radiologists.

The test is performed by the use of the ultrasound machine which makes images of organs and anatomical structures inside the body. The analysis is carried out on you lying on your back. The device sends out a high-frequency sound wave and reflects off the body structure. The computer will them receive these sound waves create an image from them. A medical gel is applied to the skin over the abdomen. This helps with the transmission of the sounds waves as a handled probe known as the transducer is being moved over the abdomen. For the best results, the technician may need to examine different areas, so you may need to change positions frequently and may also need to hold your breath for short periods as well. Unlike other types of scans, the Abdominal ultrasound doesn’t expose you to ionizing radiation or anything of the sort, and it is usually over within 30 minutes.

Could you take coffee before undertaking an abdominal ultrasound?

So much has been said about the abdominal ultrasound process. But here is the crux of the article itself. Can you take coffee before the procedure? As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Yes. You can take a little cup of coffee. But that is about all that you can take. You are entirely not expected to take food or any kind 6 hours before the scan. This is because when we eat, the gallbladders contracts and releases a certain element known as bile which helps us to digest the food. Any food apart from a little coffee or water taken within 6 hours of the exam will make the gallbladder look abnormal and may distort the result of the ultrasound images. It also behooves on you to ensure that the coffee must be black, and must not contain any milk nor sugar as it is required of you to steer clear anything with a semblance of fat of sugar. It is also very important to bring to your attention that drinking alcohol, smoking, and chewing gum before the ultrasound examination can also affect the results negatively. This is because these activities can cause you to swallow air, and the swallowed air can block the sound waves. This makes the examination harder by making it difficult to see into the abdomen. 

These conditions above however do not apply if the abdominal ultrasound scan is not intended to study the gallbladder or the bile ducts. In this case, you may eat or drink as usual, and the congestion of the food particles may not have a direct effect on the results of the scan.

We believe that we have been able to address the issue of whether or not you can take coffee before undergoing an abdominal ultrasound examination. If you ask us what our best answer is, we will go out and limb and say that it is best that you avoid coffee, or any other drink or food 6 hours prior to having the exam. But, we know how much a few people out there love their coffee and cannot go a day without it, especially for what they might consider a minor medical procedure. That is why we have provided the medical respite that suggests that you can still go ahead and have your coffee, given that it is entirely black and there is no sugar or fat added whatsoever.

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