Bulletproof Coffee Diet Meal Plan

We believe one of the reasons why you may have stumbled on this article is that you have heard that the Bulletproof coffee diet is an excellent hack for weight loss. Well, you heard right. The Bulletproof coffee diet plan helps people lose weight up to the tune of one pound per day. No doubt, this makes them feel generally better about themselves as they achieve new levels of energy and improved focus. The diet plan helps you do this by way of reducing toxins from your body while effectively fueling the brain and the body. With the globs of butter and MCT oil contained in the bulletproof coffee, you can comfortably put off meal till late in the afternoon. Also, two tablespoons of the butter and MCT oil will set you back around 450 calories in a single cup of coffee.

What exactly is the Bulletproof coffee diet?

The bulletproof coffee diet plan is unique and particularly equipped to support fat loss and muscle maintenance while at the same time lowering the risk of inflammation. It is also specially designed to help keep an equilibrium between the blood sugar and the hormones, and also increase the energy levels and mental/cognitive functions. 

Specifically, on the meal diet plan, you should expect to eat fewer carbon hydrates, consume healthier fats and vegetables than usual. This new dieting plan will make count worry less about calories and macros, and you can keep your mind off cravings and distractions. 

How does the Diet meal plan look like?

So, much has been said about the bulletproof coffee diet meal plan and you must be curious as to how exactly it seems like. Well, we are going to make a highlight right away. 

Begin your day with the Bulletproof Coffee:

This bulletproof coffee is famous for its magnificent combination of the Organic coffee, grass-fed butter, and the MCT oil. A blend of the coffee with 1 – 2 tablespoons of the butter and the same quantity of the MCT oil will keep you filled for hours and made for increased mental clarity. For the diet plan, it is a no-brainer that you should begin your day with a cup of this power horse beverage. 

Breakfast Mix:

If you feel you must still have breakfast after downing the cup of the recommended coffee above, then here is what we suggest. Bacon and eggs obtained from pastured animals are what you should be looking at. Or, you can also have an omelet garnered with lots of vegetables. If these two choices don’t tick you, then we also suggest you have smoked salmon, chopped vegetables or some avocado. 

Lunch Mix

We are confident that you will not be craving for lunch as early as you used to. That being said, if you want to go for it anyway, have a pick at your favorite vegetables, steam them and then blend with alongside some healthy fats, macadamia nuts or butter and spices. You will have on your hands a really delicious creamy soup afterward.  No doubt, this is really a fast and incredibly nourishing lunch to whip up.  Or, here is another idea for you. You can decide to heat the leftover steamed vegetables in a skillet combined with the grass-fed butter and mix it up with chopped avocado. This is really excellent too.

Dinner Mix

For dinner, we would suggest that you throw in just a handful of carb like the butternut squash or carrots, or some fruits. In addition to this, a perfect plate would be three-quarter vegetables and one-quarter of healthy protein.

Benefits of the Bulletproof coffee diet meal plan:

So, what exactly are the health benefits you should expect to enjoy from flipping over to the Bulletproof diet meal plan? Below are some of the more common reports that we have had from users all over the world:

•    Increased physical energy and agility

•    Improved focus and better concentration

•    An easy and efficient way of losing fat and excess weight

•    Muscle gain

•    Improved mood condition and better disposition to life

•    Improved performance at work and daily activities.

•    Increase in overall happiness

•    A significant decrease in food cravings 

•    For men; improvement in the testosterone level and better sexual performance

•    For men; improved overall health, especially ease of month cycle pain and stress.

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