Best Butter for the Bulletproof Coffee

The Bulletproof coffee isn’t just your average latter. It is a high-performance energy drink that has an extensive impact of the mental and cognitive functions. It has become more popular in recent times, and it is the go-to drink for a wide range of people including the professional athletes who need to find the extra strength, passion-driven CEOs and even busy parents who seek to increase their energy so they can do more of what makes them fulfilled. The popularity of the Bullet Proof has garnered several attentions, and enthusiasts have raised a lot of curious questions. One of these questions is what we are going to address in this article. 

Best Butter for the Bullet Proof Coffee?

There is no shortage of curious minds on this particular question. The reason is not far-fetched. It is because butter is such an integral part of the recipe that once the choice is defective, then there is an inherent problem with the turn out of the whole coffee itself. Thus, if we are going to give a simple answer to the question of which butter is best for a bulletproof coffee, we are going to say it is the grass-fed butter. But we will not just say that and stop there. Over the remaining part of this article, we are going to give the reasons why we think the grass-fed butter is best for making a bulletproof coffee. 

What is the Grass-fed Butter?

Grass-fed butter is the dairy gotten from cows pastured on their natural diet of grass. This is because they produce milk with healthier fats and fat-soluble vitamins, fewer toxins and a better omega-5 to omega-6 ratio. It is rich and organic, and it is the best way to keep the body fueled and energized. Grass-fed butter is one of the most efficient ways to get the best out of butter, especially if you have problems digesting dairy products or lactose-intolerant. On the contrary, grain-fed dairy has more tendency to contain mold and toxins from moldy grains used as feed. These molds toxins thus accumulate in the animal’s milk and also have a peripheral presence in the butter. Butter from grass-fed is pure and are devoid of the casein and lactose that may upset specific set of people. They are also perfect for high-temperature cooking since they have a higher smoke point.

What does the Grass-fed Butter in Bulletproof Coffee?

Get this; the regular industrial butter will never bring the best out of your bulletproof. So, what then is the point of grass-fed butter a bulletproof coffee? The presence of this diary in the bulletproof coffee significantly reduces the level of catechins, a particular type of antioxidant found in coffee. Without it, there is a chance you will get about three times more antioxidants. Apart from this, butter in coffee also makes for the production of the small droplets of fat knowns as the micelles, and they work to make fat more digestible; one of the functions of bile in the body is to create micelles to help digest fat. 

Second, when you get butter in coffee, you’re creating small droplets of fat suspended.  Those small droplets are called micelles, and they make the fat more digestible; one of the roles of bile in the body is to create micelles to help you digest fat.  In the Bulletproof Diet Book, I mention some of the other amazing things bile does – including acting as a signaling molecule for your system.

What type of Grass-fed Butter is the best?

Much has been said about the Grass-fed butter and its significance, especially as a recipe for making a bulletproof coffee. That leaves us with the question; which grass-fed butter is the best? In the examination of this inquiry, we are going to have an overview of about three different types of grass-fed butter. 

Organic Valley:

This butter has a cheese-like taste with a little bit of tang to it. The color is a bit on the dark side, and it is slightly salted and tastes a little oily. It consists of pasteurized organic sweet cream, salt, and microbial cultures. From the company’s website, it is claimed that the salt is pure mined salt, produced in the USA. It is a food grade, high-quality granulated sodium chloride. It is also processed to remove impurities and crystallized with no additives. It is worth noting that this butter is only produced between May-September, as a period where most of the food being the cows is grass. 

This butter sells on retail for around $7.25 – $9 per pound. It can be gotten from any health food store or Azure Standard. You can find it on Amazon as well. 


It tastes very much like the organic valley Pasture Butter, but it has a different flavor or tanginess. It is very soft and has a good amount of salt. Its made of cream, water, and salt. The company claims the milk is produced from pasture-raised and grass-fed cows. They also have a completely organic version free of every GMOs. It can be purchased from health/food stores or Amazon as well. It sells for about $9.3 for the organic and about $7 for the non-organic version.  


It tastes like the regular butter, but saltier, and it is not clear if the salt is refined or otherwise. It is made of organic cream and sea salt. According to the company, the butter is from cows that are grass-fed round the year, with the butter being culture-free. They claim the grass-feeding methodology benefits the animals and the consumers by helping produce healthy and human dairy products. We don’t think the butter is very popular at local health stores, but it can be purchased from Azure Standard at about $7.5 per pound.

Now, which do we think is the best? Well, that is mostly subjective. But we have found the Organic Valley to be the best if health factor is the only consideration. It may not be best taste-wise or be the most pocket-friendly, but it is the one we deemed healthiest. So, there you have it.

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